Jeannette Walton

I am now Jeannette Walton, my maiden name was Jeannette McDonald, not to be confused with the one that sang with Nelson Eddy.I was born on St Paul Street in 1942.We lived for a brief time on Funston Street and Queen Street near Parliment. My fondest memories was when I attended Dixon Hall. These were the times I cherish the most as there was Mrs Flury who took us young uns under her wing so to say. We learned to do various crafts and knitting and also sing on the stage for different recitals. Times were really tough then as we all knew, like not having enough to rub two nickles together, but we all came through it ok. Attached is a picture taken at Dixon Hall. I would appreciate it being posted to your chronicles. I dont remenber all the names of the girls but meby someone out there that sees the picture might recognize themself. I am at the far left of one of the pictures I have on a dress and my hair is short, wearing white socks with see through toe shoes. These pictures were taken I would say around 1950. At this time I was attending Park School. I would appreciate it very much if you would be so kind to post this letter.

Thank You Jeannette Walton

Dixon Hall