Family History

The Fleming Family has had a great impact on Cabbagetown and the city of Toronto. Beginning with John Fleming (1700’s) who had a son Joseph (1770-1822) who, with his wife Molly Nelson (1777-1818) gave birth to William Fleming (1808-1876). William Fleming would go on to marry the widowed Jane Caldwell (1811-1871), the mother of Aunt Polly (1837-1918), and leave Ireland for a new life in Canada. William and Jane would have many children including; Joseph (1842-1925), Maggie (1843-1847), Rebecca (1844-1882), Isabella (1844-1873), Elizabeth (1853-?), Robert John or R.J. (1854-1925) and Maggie (1856-1862).

Of those children, many became notable Cabbagetown residents. Aunt Polly and John Verner ran the Cabbagetown Store with help from many family members, Rebecca married Vern McAree, the author of “The Cabbagetown Store,” Isabella opened Bell’s Teahouse, and R.J. was a four-time mayor of Toronto and raised ten children.