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The Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum encourages partnerships and programs with students of all ages.

During our exhibition of selected works of the artist, Bill Stapleton, students from the neighbouring Spruce Court Public School visited the museum as part of a school project. They came armed with clips boards, a work sheet, and a couple of excellent teachers. They were asked to draw a copy their favourite work of art in the exhibition and then to write about why that particular one had been selected. There were some superb results. One young boy drew a rooster because it reminded him of his home in Sri Lanka where his family kept chickens. It made him feel sad because the fowl became ill and died. Itís always fascinating to know what emotion or memory an image will trigger.

Students from Sprucecourt School

For many years, artist, Bill Stapleton, went to Regent Parkís ArtHeart to paint and sketch and to help the budding artists there. He executed a number of oil and watercolour portraits of art students at ArtHeart. Some of the adult students came to the museum to admire his work.

An Adult Class from Regent Park's ArtHeart