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Reliable Shoe Repair

Reliable Shoe Repair was located on the North West corner of Gerrard and Parliament street. Dmytro (Jim) Horiszny the youngest of five children was born November 7, 1903 in the farming village of Trudovach in Western Ukraine. Jim immigrated to Canada in 1928. He worked as a farm hand in Saskatchewan until 1933. He also worked as a labourer on the Trans Canada Highway west of Thunder Bay. Jim moved to Toronto in 1934 where he was employed at a shoe repair shop. Jim was trained in Western Ukraine in the craft of making and repairing shoes. Jim always made his own shoes.

Dmytro (Jim) Horiszny

Jim and his wife Mary rented a shoe repair store at 285 Gerrard Street East at Parliament Street from 1936 until 1941. They bought a building across the street at 294 Gerrard Street East. Reliable Shoe Repair operated there until 1966 when Jim and Mary retired. Jim died in 1970 and Mary is now 95 yrs old.

Written by Kathleen Horiszny, the Shoe Maker's daughter.

Kathleen Horiszny on her tenth birthday in front of her father's shop.

Mary and baby Kay in front of the shoe shop.