The Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum is proud to announce it has won a 2009 Ontario Trillium Foundation Grant (OTF).
Youth & Education

The Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum is proud to have had several incredible student interns under Young Canada Works (YCW), and the Canadian Heritage programme -- Madeline Bongers, Matthew Ferguson, and Amadeusz Wieczorek. During their time with the Cabbagetown Regent Park Museum, they were schooled in some of the techniques of documentary filmmaking and recording of oral histories. Each learned how to operate a camera; finesse lighting; record sound; and conduct interviews. Two highlights were recording the author Joseph Kearney, about his Cabbagetown experiences and his newly released book, "Corned Beef and Cabbagetown"; and a visit to the home of an octogenarian whose home remains in its original historic condition.

The museum greatly benefited from the YCW assistance in a number of ways. In addition to augmenting the oral history project, the students learned the photographic techniques associated with creating digital visual records of artefacts; how to measure and document artefacts and input them into the museum database system; and how to upload selected files to Artefacts Canada. They assisted in the upload of more than 400 new entries, which are now available to the general public and researchers. In addition, they applied their research experiences from university to the museum research functions as required. The number of items scanned and photographed were in the hundreds, and contributed significantly to the recording of the museumís collections.

Matthew Ferguson and Madeline Bongers, YCW students

Madeline Bongers, Matthew Ferguson & Amadeusz Wieczorek in the Daniel Lamb House.

Curator, Don Adams with CHIN-YCW intern, Madeline Bongers in front of the two installations they created for the Cabbagetown Regent Parkís Urban Pioneers exhibit.