Immigrants to Canada

Emigration Information of the Nineteenth Century

The information on this website has been extracted from various government records, as well as the odd shipping record (mostly from the Allan Line). It contains, voyage accounts, emigration information, lists of ships sailing to Canada, information on the ports, and on the people. Many of these lists give the name of the ship, Master, Port of Departure, Port of Arrival and other such information. Some list the organization which sponsored the emigrants. Since passenger lists are rarely available for the early ships which came to Canada there are few of those, but other sources are being sought. The Immigration reports of the government sometimes contain names, but only rarely. The Library and Archives of Canada (LAC) has passenger lists for arrivals after 1865 and they can be obtained on microfilm while some are now online but there is no index into these records. An indexed database of arrivals for 1925-35 is online at the LAC. Post 1935 records are available. Also, check out the Grosse Isle and the Montreal Emigrant Society databases at LAC.

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