We are please to announce that we have received our charitable status. All donations over $10.00 will now be eligible for a tax receipt.

Become a Museum Volunteer today!

The museum is looking for anyone with a passion for history and it's preservation. Below you will find a list describing some of the many positions currently available. Click on the Word Document Icon to download a questionnaire that includes more information about the position. The questionnaire will work with Microsoft office and you can type your answers right into the document!

Our current volunteers are a diverse and talented group of people, who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience with others, making friends, and experiencing one of the most exciting and rewarding volunteer programmes in the city. We'd love for you to join our team! Look over the positions below to see what you might be interested in helping out with.


Please sent your completed questionnaire(s) or general questions to: crpmuseum.volunteer@gmail.com.

Weekend Positions - The Museum in Riverdale Farm.

Volunteer Docent:

A docent acts as a host to the public visiting the CRPMuseum exhibits on display at the Zookeeper’s Cottage in Riverdale Farm (201 Winchester St., Toronto). Permanent museum exhibits include maps, artifacts and photographs associated with the history Cabbagetown-Regent Park. The museum also puts on temporary exhibits whose subject matter is of interest to our visitors.

Weekday Positions - Off-site Storage Facility at 156 Winchester St.

FILLEDVolunteer Transcriber:

Volunteers will work with voice recognition software to transcribe the museums collection of oral histories.

FILLEDVolunteer Social Media/Web Technician:

Research, exhibitions, oral histories and images of new additions to the collection: the museum has a lot to offer the public. We would like to be able to keep them updated through our various online connections which include our web site, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter Account, Flickr and YouTube pages.

FILLEDVolunteer Administrative Assistant:

The museum is a busy place and there is always something that we need help with, from scanning, to handing out newsletters, to writing articles, this position encompasses daily tasks in the museum and is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about how a small community museum is run.

FILLEDVolunteer Data Entry or Registrar: (FILLED)

Working with the ever-expanding collection, the volunteer will assist in documenting, accessioning and storing the collection.

Independent Guided Positions - Off-site

FILLEDVolunteer Researcher:

Our researchers work both in the museum office and off-site doing archival research and community interaction to collect and document information about the ongoing history of Cabbagetown-Regent Park.

Volunteer Educational Programmer:

Educational volunteers will work independently on their own time checking in with teaching consultants and museum historians to design classroom activities using Museum resources on-line and shown in public exhibitions.

Volunteer Fundraiser:

Our fundraisers usually work in groups to brainstorm ideas for upcoming local festivals or create a museum event. Since every event is different, the museum seeks people with a variety of backgrounds who can help create fun, unique and memorable time for our guests. The volunteers would dedicate a concentrated amount of time in planning and carrying out a single event.

Volunteer Grant Writer:

The grant writer researches potential grants, funders, partnerships and donations through foundations, corporations or companies. They ensure the museum meets the standards of the grants and writes or assists in writing applications and proposals for funding in areas such as staffing and collection management.

One of our volunteers cleans a recent acquisition before accessioning begins.