The Legend Of Stinky's Park

There is a little Cabbagetown park at the S-E corner of Sumach and Shuter Streets called "Stinky's Park." It's just a tiny little park that I can honestly say that I had a part in naming. Of course this isn't the official name listed a t City Hall, at least I don't think it is. In the early sixties The Coulter Brass building stood on this site. It was torn down and in it's place a playground and small park were put in.

Across the street on the S-W corner was a variety store owned by this crazy old coot and there was a rather peculiar odor there to say the least. Actually, the joint stunk. Back then kids bought their candy at the variety stores in the bulk form, large jars on the counter full of two or three for a penny stuff that the owner would put in a bag until you ran out of money. Well kids can sometimes take a while to make up their minds, and this old geezer would lose h is patience and throw us out without finishing our purchase.

One day he threw us out and Johnny yelled back at him "This place smells like you let off forty beer farts". The rest of us started to laugh our heads off as the old coot started chasing us up the street. After that we started calling the place Stinky's and it wasn't long before everybody in the neigborhood was calling it that. I guess the old boy up and died because some new people bought the store that became friends of mine. When they started to renovate the place they found all kinds of cash in the walls and under the floorboards. See I told you the old coot was crazy. That name stuck even with the new owners and I felt sorry for them even though by this time the name was harmless. This happened about 1963 and believe it or not the park and the store are still called "Stinky's" So now you know how Stinky's Park got it's name.