Cabbagetown resident, Sally Gibson has just published, The Distillery District: History by the Lake
Collections: Photos

The Cabbagetown/Regent Park Museum has been fortunate in being lent and/or given dozens of photographs, which reflect the social, cultural and architectural richness of this area.

Through each image we are able to reconstruct our past - smile at old toy favourites; remember those who gave their lives for us in the two Great Wars; marvel at the architecture; peek into store windows of the past or the inner workings of factories; treasure the decades of happy times in Riverdale Park or visits to the old Riverdale Zoo. There are photos of lost monuments, past occupations, schooldays, fashion, family gatherings and so much more.

We sincerely thank everyone who has shared their personal histories and encourage others to allow us to digitize theirs.

The Livery Stable of Jack Ellis, 'Ellis & Hamilton', Sackville south of Oak Street, 1905. Courtesy of Ellen Ragen Hughes.

Mrs. Elsie Penno as she arrived at 276 Carlton Street in 1913, as an immigrant from Haslington, Lancashire, England where her father ran a pub, The Whitehorse. The Currie Family welcomed her at 276 Carlton until she was settled at 15 Metcalfe Street and was able to bring over her two sisters Emma and Helen and stepbrother Tom.

William Charles Lewis with his brothers on either side of him taken during their service in World War I. William Lewis served with the 48th Highlanders of Canada and lived at 209 Oak Street, Toronto.

Ellen Ragen Hughes' family has owned the house at 254 Carlton Street (behind The Peartree Restaurant) since it was first built. This photo, circa 1900 shows the family enjoying a pleasant meal outdoors in their garden 107 years ago. Courtesy of Ellen Ragen Hughes.