Punchy's Past

Here are some great stories that remind Punchy of that once great little community where he used to live.

The original Cabbagetown in these stories is long gone. It is dead and buried beneath tons of modern brick, mortar and concrete. These relatively new buildings, like giant gravestones, stand as morbid reminders of what was once a great community. Although our living conditions improved, and Punchy spent the remainder of his childhood in one of these huge buildings, it was never quite the same as the old neighbourhood. Oh, it was still a tight community, but it seemed a little bit more bland and sanitized. Every house and apartment building was a mirror image of the one next to it.

Although it was right in the heart of downtown Toronto, Cabbagetown was a separate entity, it was the boondocks, the slums, the wrong side of the tracks, take your pick. However, it was never quite a ghetto until the City decided to install two large housing projects starting around 1950 and finally finishing in the late fifties. Even then it took twenty years to become a real ghetto.

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